Piper Baron 58P Before Boot Restoration

Before video of Piper Baron 58P Left Horizontal. Several surface patches and PRC patches under surface patches. Owner was told by his mechanic the boot needs to be replaced. Then the owner, Dr. Salmon called me.

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Piper Baron 58P

We remove all unsightly patches as part of the restoration and scrub the boot clean by removing all  surface contamination and erosion.

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Piper Baron 58P After Boot Restoration

After video of the restoration Piper Baron 58P Left Horizontal. Patches removed, boot cleaned, ground boot inflation check performed and all leaks bonded, new conductive cement applied to perimeter of boots ensuring proper static electric discharge. Final stage, 4 coats of UV protectant boot sealer is applied. Leaving your deice boots looking and functioning like new. Extending the life of your boots, for many more season of use.

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American Deice Boot Specialist (561) 299-6878


Don’t replace your boots if you don’t have to! Restore them at a fraction of replacement cost. Extend the service life with a patchless repair process.

When your mechanic tells you your boots are marginal or they failed annual inspection, you need to call me, the deice boot specialist.

American deice boot specialist uses the Goodrich 74-451-AE Pneumatic De-Icer Pinhole Repair Kit.

Log book entries provided.